Thursday, February 18, 2016

BNN-TV Host and author Chuck Morse launches national discussion about the Nazi Holocaust: Socialism and National Socialism

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Causes of the Holocaust Part 1. 

Causes of the Holocaust Part 2.

BNN-TV Host and author Chuck Morse launches national discussion about the Nazi Holocaust: 

Socialism and National Socialism.

(Feb. 19, 2017) Host and author Chuck Morse shines a bright light into one of the last remaining dark crevices in the otherwise excellent and comprehensive research that has been conducted about the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews of Europe since the end of the war and that is the leftist and socialistic nature of Nazism itself. 

Morse contends that Nazism was a left-progressive movement, that this political and philosophical orientation was a driving force behind the most evil and diabolical government sponsored agenda in history. 

Morse gets to politically incorrect truths with the belief that an honest rendering of all aspects of the Holocaust is the only means by which society can ultimately hope to reduce the possibility that such a heinous act would ever occur again in some part of the world.

Making no allowances for political correctness or for hurt feelings, Morse delves into the political, philosophical and religious nature of Nazism from a lens that has been opened beyond conventional thinking. 

Beginning his series with an interview with Boston University Jewish Holocaust Studies Professor Steven T. Katz, Morse hopes to contribute toward a broader national and international discussion of the Holocaust by injecting certain documented truths that have been otherwise ignored.