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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel revealed the leftist agenda during a nationally televised interview when he stated "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste" and that is  exactly what the left is trying to do in response to the virus pandemic. President Trump has balanced safety measures with the need to avoid authoritarian policies that would encourage the slide into the totalitarianism that the left believes in and has dreamed of since the 1917 Bolshevik coup in Russia. If a leftist such as Hillary Clinton were president now, we would likely have Martial Law, the seizure of large parts of the economy and private property and concentration camps for those infected and those who violated a national curfew. We should be grateful that Donald Trump is the president and use this crisis as a reminder that elections matter.

At the core of the disloyal lefts criticism of the Trump Administration, the underlying thesis, is that he has not been totalitarian enough. They contend that he has not moved fast enough into their version of a brave new world. As is par for the course for the left, their criticisms are situational as President Trump closed the border to China in January when the news of the virus was first revealed. At the time they howled in rage with the obnoxious claim that Trump was motivated in his action by a prejudice against Chinese men and women. Indeed, such a measure was prudent and proper as it slowed down the spread. Indeed, it took Canada, after their Prime Minister attacked Trump for his actions, to close their border months later. Likewise, the European Union only got around to closing their borders after over a thousand deaths in northern Italy.

Trump's response has been to reassert the basic prerogative of national sovereignty and he was right to do so. Any sovereign nation, in a reflection of the sovereign right of the individual and the family, has a moral and a practical right and obligation to protect the life and the safely of its members. Indeed, such a sovereign right, the right to determine who enters the national home, has even extended to the states as various states have begun, within the confines of law, to prevent the migration of people entering from virus hot spots such as New York City.

President Trump has balanced a proper response to the crisis with the protection of civil liberties. He has enacted emergency powers but he has employed them sparingly and only as a last resort in terms of manufacturing needed products such as ventilators. He has worked with the individual states as a partner, trying to address their unique needs and conditions, wile avoiding a federalization of power that would have rendered the states as legally meaningless. He has tried to not engage in the hype, the fear mongering and the hysterical predictions that emanate from the left's mouthpieces in segments of the media.

The fact that the left has not gotten its was as of yet, that the crisis is being wasted according to their cult-like view, along with their visceral hatred and fear of Donald Trump and the freedom oriented movement that he leads, is leading them further down the dark road of sedition and treason. Their fear mongering and trivializing analysis of the presidents every utterance borders on disloyal in the middle of a real crisis. Particularly odious and despicable was the recent assertion by an unnamed author of an editorial in The Boston Globe that asserted that President Trump has "blood on his hands." Let's make sure that we stay the course, and that we stay safe, in these times when we face a real threat in the form of an invisable deadly virus and, at the same time, lets watch out for the exploiters of the crisis.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Is this a Hoax?

Charles Moscowitz

Is Covid 19 a Hoax?

Is this the biggest hoax since the 1859 publication of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of the Races" by Charles Darwin?

That book, based on the premise that a new species emerges from the breeding of superior members of a species over millions of years,  and that all of life somehow emerged from, as Darwin noted in his diary "a small warm pond,"  changed the course of human history. That book scientized racism and reduced the human being, previously viewed as having been created by God in his image, into a mere animal.

The Corona virus is, indeed, a virus, one that is considerably more contagious than any in over a century, one that is comparable to the dreaded Spanish Flue of 1919 which took the life of my great grandfather. Yes, it is deadly. Its main victims, so far, are advanced in age with preexisting health conditions and we must find a way to protect them. While some younger people are succumbing, unfortunately, to this dread disease, there are questions about whether they have preexisting conditions as well including whether that might have been vaping.

So far, the rest of us who are contracting this flue are experiencing symptoms that are normally associated with a flue. That includes highly publicized cases such as that of actor Tom Hanks, Prince Charles, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other highly visible personalities. They are home sick and recovering.

Yet the rest of us are cowering at home, governments are declaring virtual martial law and constitutional rights are being suspended. Congress just approved a 2 Trillion spending package, money that will be borrowed by the Federal Reserve and from a variety of private investors, at interest. This would never have happened in a time where there was no "emergency."

The genuine international populist movement, the true "woke" movement that elected Donald Trump as president, that removed the UK from the European Union, that included the Yellow Jacket protests in France and the liberation movement in Hong Kong, has been stymied. Being shut into the home makes it difficult to engage in activism or to even communicate.

I am suspicious, We should be at least asking this question. I don't claim to know the answer, but...I post the question. Is this a Hoax?